10 Benefits of Using SharePoint Workflows Automation


What is a SharePoint Workflow Automation?

If you are asked to lead a project, you need to follow a set of process that guides about the tasks. Similarly, a workflow is a graphical representation with instructions that happens at each step. Implementing the workflow manually can delay the process. For example, the activities like paying the staff at the month end, payroll processing or sending emails can consume a fair amount of time and efforts.

SharePoint workflow automation is a process which reduces the tedious manual task by taking out the labor work and randomness out of the standard process. With a SharePoint Workflow, you can improve collaboration on your business process and ease communication by indulging your team members on a single platform.

Having tools like SharePoint or Nintex makes the working effortless by automation. It not only makes it free from errors but also saves you from jeopardizing customer relationships.

Here are top 10 reasons why you should follow SharePoint workflow automation in your organization.

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1. Streamline Redundant Business Operations

An effective document management system is essential to expedite the business process that brings efficiency. You can cut down your working hours and cost by streamlining the business operations. For example, if you are working on a single document that needs feedback of other team members. So, instead of sending the document separately, your co-workers can simultaneously give the feedback using SharePoint workflow automation. Not only this, but it also helps you simplify the complicated business activities by sending and receiving notifications instantly.

2. Simplify Continuous Process Improvement

It’s not only the technical people who can deploy workflow processes. With a proven set of technologies like .NET edition or Workflow Server, you can easily define the conditions, even if you are not technologically sound. It also provides step by step guide and easy to use wizards that make easy for everyone to create workflows.

3. Foster Communication Process within Organization

One of the reasons, why employees leave the organization is the communication barriers that make difficult for them to comprehend the process. Automating workflows in SharePoint help to stay connected and updated by having a clear line of communication. It means you don’t have to send reminders manually, the workflow you choose sends reminders itself.

4. Makes Process Accurate

Corporate organizations, healthcare sectors, and other internal reporting standard companies have placed a strict policy on the way organizations record and disseminate information.
With SharePoint workflow automation, you can have accountability and support compliance by tracking information such as the editor of the information, the date of the information and more relevant details. Moreover, your information remains secure and safe with SharePoint.

5. Speeds Up The Approval Process

Without SharePoint, you’d have been waiting long for your documents to be approved. SharePoint offers custom workflows that automatically change the status of the document showing either it is ‘in process,’ approved or rejected. The document also flows hierarchically which enables employees to know the status and track progress.

6. Prevents Decision Making Bottlenecks

In SharePoint workflow automation, scheduled tasks are automatically assigned and sent to the individuals or groups to inform them about the tasks. The task remains in the tasks list until it is completed or deleted, the conditions can also be set in the list. In addition to it, creating workflows also provides Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) that enable the higher authority to manage activities. This process overall prevents decision-making bottlenecks.

7. Keeps You in the Flow

When you are assigned a task, you may miss some vital information or forgot to attempt it. SharePoint workflow sends notifications to remind employees of their task, deadline and days left to complete the task. It also keeps you updated with the feedback you received on your task.

8. Retains Business Information

Data is the key to business success because maintaining data can upscale your organization in numerous ways. Your business can lose data when employees leave the organization, get a transfer or break the contract. Implementing workflows in your organization can save you from data breaches and help in retaining information by documenting and automating workflow steps. It makes sure that procedures adhere to the organization, and essential information is secured.

9. You Can Know How Your Colleagues Are Working

The best thing about SharePoint workflow development is that it let you collaborate with your team members quickly. When you implement a workflow and indulge your team members in it, you can get to know how they are performing on your task. Also, you can track their progress and know who is taking longer on the task and who is working efficiently. It gives you insights into their working, so the next time you assign the work you know who is the best person for it.

10. A Single Source for Accessing All Information

Without an organized workflow the members across all departments cannot access the information quickly. Because delaying in accessing information can disturb the flow of the process.
SharePoint workflow helps you organize and retrieve information from all resources and applications. The search filters help you find the required information quickly. It also allows the management or the team members to control and track data access within a process.


Workflows are not about scheduling or creating a process; it’s more than that. With the great potential of SharePoint workflows, you can not only organize information but can also streamline communication and automate business process.

Now even mid-marketing companies are implementing SharePoint workflow automation to enhance their business operations and increase collaboration.

Since every business strives for immeasurable results, it’s only workflow automation that can help you achieve. It reduces risk, saves time and cost and makes the operation efficient than ever before.

So, if you are looking for long-term success, SharePoint Workflow Automation is the way to go.