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Code Creators has a dedicated technology stack that comprises of the latest tools in the market to offer you quality android app development services.

Rise in Android App Development Demand

In the past decade, Android has become one of the most popular operating systems in the masses, and it’s candy-themed updates are not the only reason why. Its success has been unexpected, and since it’s origination, it has accumulated over 1.4 billion active users worldwide which is a whopping 80% of all smartphone users. More than one billion android phones were bought in the year 2014 alone.

Our Stellar Android App Developers

Mobile developers such as the ones at Code Creators are a minority in the industry as a community with only over 9% of all developers claiming to solely focus on mobile app development according to a survey conducted in 2015. However, 44.6% of these developers focus on Android app development globally. It is the year 2019 and this trend has only continued to grow. The demand for a top-class android development company in the market has only risen and has given way to companies like Code Creators to step up their game to offer innovative, flexible and customizable Android app solutions to all their clients.

Beauty of Open-Source, SDK & Java

When android phones were first announced globally, Google took it upon itself to make the operating system open-source, giving developers all over the world the ability to access, understand and to also modify the software as they saw fit. Our developers at CCI take full advantage of this fact to create dynamic and highly-interactive Android applications. This also came with the freedom to distribute apps to other users without having to follow through a complicated review process. At last, Android apps could be developed on Java script which is a supported and stable coding language used by a majority of our developers.

Code Creators’ Android App Development Services

Code Creators has over a decade worth of experience when it comes to android app development services. We pride ourselves on reduced service costs while simultaneously providing quality services that lead our clients to keep coming back to us for more. Our development process is carefully curated to serve your needs while maintaining absolute transparency. Take a look at our development process:

During the analysis stage we analyse all of the data our clients bring and conduct research on the required tech. Then comes the specification stage which is where our clients lay down the foundation of their android app, provide specifications, deadline and state their desired budget. Our designers work on mockups, user interface, artwork and logos of your app which are then approved by you. Your app is then engineered to obtain the utmost performance levels. Then, your app is run through several tests before delivery. Even then, you can hire us for support and maintenance services.

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Bright Future Ahead for Android App Development World

The possibilities for Android app development are endless, it just takes the right development team to see it. With Code Creators’ Android app development services in Canada backing you in your arsenal, your application will be worth swooning over. Our feature-full apps will give you the competitive edge in the market that you need. What are you waiting for? Give us a call so we can begin discussing your android app needs right away.