10 Reasons Why You Should Use SharePoint for Your Intranet


Regardless if what your business size is, an Intranet is crucial for every enterprise in order to consolidate ad improve communication and information flow across the organization. In modern business world, where employees are offered optimal flexibility, more employee prefer working from home or offsite. This type of working style has significantly contributed to the vitality and need of a well-devised intranet which ensures the fact that every team member is one the same page, throughout the assignment; or the manager keep track of work progress of every employee and documents too.

One such comprehensive and creatively built collaborative system is by Microsoft, which is very well-known within the corporate industry as SharePoint. With its incredibly functionality and features, in this blog post, we have list down 10 important reason that will help you learn why SharePoint is an amazing option to be used as your organizational intranet.

1.  It Is Relatively Less Expensive in Terms of Implementation & Support

If you have access to Office 365, SharePoint will also be available for you. It means that, if you are already using Office 365, then you can start with using SharePoint right away, without worrying about spending any extra money over getting a complex, dedicated intranet service. It is just like that your SharePoint intranet is waiting for you and you may not know about it.

2.  It Has Sorted Branding & Design Features

An intranet site is basically an intranet website; and with almost every website comes a lot of resources and costs that go on to its layout and designing. With SharePoint development, one of the best thing is that you can design the layout of your intranet site all by yourself, right according to the requirements and needs of your brand; and without investing any extra resources or money over designing. Trust us, your intranet website will blend seamlessly with your established brand design and won’t like a SharePoint site, unless you want it to look so.

3.  It Has an Intelligent, In-Built Search Engine

The search functionality of SharePoint is matchless, when it comes to data discovery. Most of the companies have their files and data scattered and unorganized, unlike the way they always wanted it to be. So, if you are also one of that company that is struggling with such issues, SharePoint is ideal for you as an intranet. For instance, if you are looking for the ‘Company Policy’, you can simply use the ‘Search’ option provided within your SharePoint intranet sites and get your desired files. Additionally, SharePoint has brilliant document and record management tools, that can make the entire searching and organizing process effortless for you.

4.  Enhanced Data Security & Easy Document/Data Sharing

Microsoft has taken the data security and document management features very seriously, when it comes to SharePoint. Hence, while using SharePoint as an intranet, you can make sure that your certain records and documents will only be get shared with the ones, whom you want to see them.

5.  Quick & Easy Content Management

The primary purpose with which SharePoint was designed was to enhance workplace collaboration. Hence, if there you have multiple department that are adding content to different work areas, then, it can be made easier with SharePoint and content can be updated quickly. Another important functionality that comes along is that SharePoint allows you to proof read your content before publishing – which means that your content can be checked and verified before publishing.

6.  Streamlined Document Management

Document management system of SharePoint is efficient and simple. Other vital functionalities of SharePoint such as its existence over Cloud and its ability to automated document processing, makes the entire document management process much convenient, simple and quick. In order to get rid of email tennis, SharePoint also offers you to edit yours’ and co-author’s document directly in the browser.

7.  Also Works as A Social Media Tool

Although SharePoint is not a social media tool, it still has the ability and functionality to facilitate social interaction amid the corporate audience; especially if your organization is big. SharePoint allows its users to add their personal profiles to the intranet, which makes it possible for its users to get to know about others’ interests, about their work areas and job functions etc. If you think it’s a pointless functionality, trust us its very useful, especially if you are opting for internal hiring or looking for somebody with the company, along with improved communication channel.

8.  Provide External Access & Sharing

If you are on-the-go and you want to access your corporate intranet from an offsite location, then it might not be possible, if you have an outdated system installed within your company. But, with SharePoint, it is completely possible due to its cloud existence. SharePoint Online and data sharing features on cloud enable you to access all your important information and data from any remote location, using any mobile device. However, not all mobile brands and designs support SharePoint accessibility.

9.  Automation

As discussed in the points above, document management, record maintenance and data sharing is more streamlines with SharePoint. Intranet usually get flooded with document, and moving and managing such content is a hefty task, however this has now become a thing of the past, if you don’t have functionality and advance automation options. With SharePoint, you can define expiry dates for your document, that you may not need later and they can be automatically discarded or destroyed. Another option is that you can move the document after a defined period of time or define permission within the SharePoint workflow after a certain period. Automated document management within an intranet is a huge productivity benefit, as it cut down the time exactly to half, that the process normally takes to be done manually.

10.  Don’t Cling to It! If You Don’t Like It

With SharePoint, you are never bound to stick to something that is not working appropriately. In fact, there are many ways you can customize your intranet experience as per your needs. SharePoint is a very flexible kit of collaborative tools, which enable you to create and personalize solutions that would cost too much otherwise for software that are in-built on SharePoint already.

These are only a few reasons that we recommend to consider when you are opting to use SharePoint as your intranet. Although there are many intranet providers in the market out there, but they can cost you much more money and time. Hence, if you have Office 365m you can simply get access to SharePoint. If you like any further advice, get in touch with SharePoint experts at Code Creators today.