10 Reasons Why SharePoint Intranet is Best Choice for Your Organization


Intranet plays a crucial role to ensure effective interaction, communication and information consolidation within an organization. Having an efficient intranet setup has become crucial nowadays, regardless what is the nature, type and size of your company. An efficient, and well-built intranet has gained remarkable significant in recent years, as more and more people are working offsite or remote locations. And to keep everyone connected with the company and to their projects, while ensuring effective collaboration among the team members, an organization must have a competent intranet.

When we talk about a competent, resourceful and highly efficient intranet, the first name that appears as an answer is Microsoft SharePoint Intranet. When it comes to our recommendations to our clients, we always refer MS SharePoint to them, because of its bondless collaboration proficiencies and exceptional integration options with other Microsoft’s tools and apps. However, to help you make an informed decision, about why SharePoint Intranet makes the best choice for your company, here listed are the top reasons, that will certainly help you getting insights about it.

But, before jumping directly into these reason, let us enlighten you that every business or company has unique requirements and hence its intranet needs. Also, the nature and requirements of the digital workplace, and its budgetary concerns, are the factors worth considering while deciding over intranet technology. Although, there is a wide range of technology choices available to explore, yet we always find SharePoint as the top choice for almost all types of companies.

1. SharePoint Intranet Is Well-Known Within the Community

Talking about the intranet technologies available globally, the Microsoft SharePoint undoubtedly makes a matchless choice by far. Expressed and admitted by countless digital workplace and intranet survey, users of SharePoint intranet and other intranets vote highest for SharePoint. However, this is not the reason at all which makes SharePoint ‘the best’; instead its remarkable range of feature, unbeatable customization options, strong security levels are the primary reasons that compel companies using SharePoint consistently as their corporate intranet system.

2. It Is Highly Customizable, Configurable & Adaptable

Another finest strength of SharePoint is its usability and versatility. Business organizations uses SharePoint with varied strengths and configurations, both as intranet and also to a wide variety of operations such as content management, discoverability, scanning, collaboration and internal communication etc. Scalability and flexibility becomes the two most significant concerns for an organization, especially when it shifts its strategic objectives. In such cases, SharePoint appears as the ultimate intranet option with incredible flexibility, configuration, adaptation and customization options.

3. It Provides Multiple Options

A wide variety of options for your intranet is one of the biggest benefits of using SharePoint. SharePoint intranet solutions have become highly competitive by providing additional screen layouts, site template, ready-to-use web-parts and many other supplementary capacities that enable you deliver exceptional intranet experience in a very short period of time. SharePoint intranet tools are remarkably efficient and get fully integrated with SharePoint’s capacity to provide a modern SharePoint intranet solution required by sophisticated business enterprises.

4. SharePoint’s Automation Functionalities Are Commendable

Information and record management within SharePoint is highly efficient. Having plenty of intranet with documents stored at disparate locations, and transferring the content and then continuously handling it, is an outdated method. With a fully automated method like SharePoint, you can schedule expiry date to each and every file, that is required to be modified for discarded after the defined period of time. Once this certain period is over, all you need to do is to check on the workflow permission, which ask you to either delete or relocate file within the system. Automated record management in SharePoint is incredibly efficient and it takes only half of the time and even lesser of the effort, as compared to those you do physically.

5. Integration & Connectivity with MS Office 365 & Other Microsoft Tools

Another major advantage of using SharePoint is its amazing integration and incorporation of various tools and apps of Microsoft, and above all, it does not require any professional assistance. Incorporation of Team Space Lists, Yammer updates, and One Drive documents, is very easy and exciting to integrate, change and report process. On the other hand, intranet expertise can also be incorporated within project teams, by fostering strong relationship with Office 365 tools and SharePoint intranet, in order to create a richer user experience within the digital workplace. Enterprise are also using SharePoint intranet to encourage governance and adoption. It is also fun, to initiate integration of automation and Microsoft AI technologies in SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise by using Microsoft Power Platform.

6. It Serves Almost All Content Publication Requirements

Indeed, intranet are all about content and information management, and hence SharePoint can also be used to manage and publish data in order to satisfy your requirements for internal communication, while properly handling the content needs too. Although communications have provided great publishing functionalities to SharePoint, more advanced features for advanced content publishing like news prototype, approval workflows, automated data reviews and editorial schedule are found to be more efficient.

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7. Connectivity & External Exchange of Information

A traditional, outdated system is incapable of facilitating you, if you require navigating through your intranet, especially when you are working from an offsite location. But, with SharePoint, you can get access easily through cloud, and you will be able to get instant access to the information you and it is very simple and quick that you can even do simply using your smartphone.

8. Promotes Relevant & Personalized Content

Many, modern day intranet have advanced customization features, which allow tailoring content for different groups, for instance for people working within one division, at one venue, in a particular role or depending on their service tenure. This indicates that thematic content can be managed effortlessly. Besides, intranet also allow people to various interest topics.

SharePoint Online and SharePoint intranets can efficiently enable personalization, utilizing simple integration, and content targeting with Active Directory profiles. This is why SharePoint is an exceptional technology foundation for you.

9. Latest Developments

SharePoint has been providing incredibly beautiful designs, enhanced efficiency, simpler interface for posting and helpful site templates, along with many other enhancements that has been kept at the core of SharePoint. It is different to classic SharePoint to some extent and it provides a way better intranet experience and it also put less stress on IT features, which has been considered as one of the main concerns in the past few years.

10. Affordability

If you have access to Office 365, then SharePoint is accessible. So if you’re using Microsoft Office 365, you can begin with SharePoint, and you wouldn’t have to worry about spending cash on a specialized, complicated Intranet service.

If you have access to MS Office 365, then it means that you have access to SharePoint as well. So, if you already have Office 365, then you can right away begin with SharePoint and then you also need to worry about spending any extra money on acquiring complicated, specialized intranet services.

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