Top 7 Reasons Why MS Power BI Is Great to Use?


By incorporating its precious years in database excellency, Microsoft created the very innovative, intellectual, and cloud-based business intelligence platform i.e. known as MS Power BI. Power BI is a business intelligence tool that is capable of collecting data and information from varied sources and transform it into visually attractive and meaningful data insights. Business intelligence tools have been leading the market of business empowerment tools, and MS Power BI is simply incomparable, and its supremacy is valid for multiple reasons. Let’s find out what those reasons are;

7 Reasons to use Microsoft Power BI

1. Customized Visuals

Although the standardized data visuals offered by Power BI are already attractive; still they can be made more interactive and appealing by using features like pie charts, matrix, lines, columns, and tables, etc. and all of these are further customizable to meet the distinctive business needs. Additionally, Power BI also offers a wide range of custom visuals apart from its standards offerings; which include heat maps, decision trees, and correlation plots, etc. Using customized visuals allows companies to do business in their preferred way.

2. Power BI Is Powerful – Just Like Its Name

Power BI is supremely powerful because it is powered by a renowned data modeling engine i.e. ‘Power Pivot’ which is globally acclaimed for its remarkable abilities and performance to effectively compress databases. MS Power BI is fully capable of dealing with tables with colossal data volumes, while constantly refreshing and updating your data. This enables companies to access even high data volumes very quickly and easily while getting meaningful data insights for informed business decision-making.

3. Better Data Consolidation

With Power BI you can easily access your data located at disparate sources such as Cloud, OneDrive, Google Analytics, and DropBox, with the help of built-in connectors. This enables merging data that can be analyzed from a single, consolidated report. It also provides you to get access to in-built Power BI dashboards that can also be customized. The drag & drop interface of dashboards also reduces the time taken by copy-and-paste actions.

4. Useful Q&A Feature

With MS Power BI, you don’t require any special technical training for coding. The simple and highly useful Q&A features that is especially designed to facilitate natural language search, helps users learn while using the tool. All you need to do is to simple double-click on a blank spot on the canvas and drag it up to the question box and then search for anything concerning your business data. Predictive suggestions provide all the possible guidance related to search options, while increasing the search accuracy over time. There is also voice recognition offered through MS digital assistant Cortana, which provides even faster access to data.

5. Easy Integration

MS Power BI seamlessly integrates with MS Excel. By using the ‘Analyze in Excel’, feature, you can also access the interface which mirrors Excel and make it more familiar to the new Power BI users with some Excel knowledge. They can also avail the advantage of discerning the trends in Power BI very quickly while navigating the Power BI query tools as well.

6. User Friendly

From the previous points, you must have figured out the MS Power BI has a highly accessible interface and it can be easily used by those who even have no background in coding and program development. With the easy-to-learn features, built-in intelligence and easy integration with other Microsoft and non-Microsoft (third-party) tools, and data consolidation, MS Power BI helps you learn through using the tools and provide you a smooth user experience.

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7. Cost-Effective

Microsoft Power BI comes in multiple versions which include Microsoft Power BI Desktop which is available for single users and free. This version helps you create dashboards and reports, but you cannot publish them onto the server. But, not to worry about that. Because, if you want to share your Power BI reports and publish them on the server then you can opt for MS Power BI Pro which will cost you around 9.99 per user per month, along with a free 60-day trial. This version comes with very comprehensive options and features.

Also, for bigger and complex business enterprises, comes the Power BI Premium version which can be personalized on the basis of business/user needs and level of access required.

Pro & Premium Considerations

If you have any confusion and require Power BI Consultation, then talk to our Microsoft Power BI consultants that can guide you in exploring the many benefits that the tools may offer you, while also helping you in choosing the right Power BI license suited to your business needs.