WEBINAR (25 October 2018)

Creating a Killer Dashboard in Power BI


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Transforming Your Data Into Smarter Insights

Why presenting your data in raw facts and figures when you can make it amazingly interactive? Yes! By unlocking the potential of Power BI Dashboard, you can not only visualize data but can also create actionable insights that help you to find answers on a click.

Want to learn how?

We are hosting a webinar on “Creating a Killer Dashboard with Power BI” to help you explore Power BI dashboard and getting you rid of the number crunching data. Starting with the range of intuitive tools to selecting the right approach, we will demonstrate the best practices to fancy your data effectively.

The core agenda of this webinar is to unleash the capabilities of Power BI Dashboard to unify all the business data and bring information on the fingertips. You will also get to know how data analytics and reporting can transform the business processes and can help you have the measurable impact.

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Salient Features of the Webinar

  • Create personalize and shareable dashboards in minutes

  • Tips to create a responsive dashboard for mobile and desktop screens

  • Collecting data from multiple resources and amalgamating for reporting and analysis purpose.

  • Building beautiful data visualizations using drag and drop features

  • Bringing Excel reports into the Power BI canvas

Getting Started with Creating a Killer Dashboard in Power BI

We are all set to bring the power of data analytics and reporting to the non-technical business users everywhere. Join us and experience the endless benefits of creating a dashboard in power BI and implement it to set real-time data correlation.

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