Microsoft Power BI Key Features & Benefits for Your Business


Business Intelligence is the chief component for driving competitiveness, agility and effectiveness to any business. As businesses expands and grow, data management becomes a complex and hefty task, as huge volumes of data are generating on regular basis. This in return generate a significant road-clock for enterprises, especially the ones that are data-driven, and wish to efficiently harness their data to make insightful business decisions. Also, the biased business reporting structures and soiling effect across the organization produce a situation, where key decision makers are bound to make decision that are partially based on correct data.

This is the foremost reason, why business intelligence systems have been increasingly embraced by enterprises. Adopting an efficient analytical system helps successfully analyze business data and helps in discovering useful information, supporting insightful decision making and suggesting results that are in favor of business’ growth and success.

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Microsoft has a proven track record in the arena of technology, and with Power BI, it has come up with a very compelling set of analytical tool. This blogpost talks about the key features and benefits that Power BI offers enterprises in order to allow them easily analyze and visualize their organizational data to make insightful and informed decisions.

Power BI Is Undoubtedly a Smart Solution

Power BI is a cloud-based platform/toll which does not require any infrastructure support or capital expenditure regardless of what size is your business. User of Power BI do not require any special training nor they need to deal with the legacy software constraints to create business intelligence insights. Typical of all the Microsoft cloud-service, the implementation of Power BI embedded is trouble-free and rapid.

Power BI Key Features & Benefits of Power BI Tools

1. Personalized, Feature Enriched Dashboard

Information dashboards is the crowning feature of Power BI, which can be customized according to the precise need of your business enterprise. You can also easily embed BI reports and dashboards in the applications in order to provide your users a unified experience.

2. Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Applications

Power BI easily integrates thorough your existing business environment which allow you to adopt reporting and analytics capabilities. Highly skilled and experience Power BI consultants at CCI are also available to assist you in leveraging their expertise in this intuitive toll to easily entrench interactive visuals within applications.

3. No Speed & Memory Constraints

You can easily eliminate speed and memory constraints by shifting your existing BI system to a powerful cloud environment by using Power BI, while ensuring the fact that your data will always be available for quick retrieval and analysis.

4. Publish Reports Securely

With Power BI, you can easily set up publishing of your reports and data refresh which allows all the users to get access to the latest information. Easy access to information allows users to stay productive and update all the time.

5. No Dedicated Technical Support Needed

Power BI is a smart tool and it does not require any specialized technical support. It provides analysis and agile inquiry without requiring any dedicated team for providing technical support. Power BI supports a very powerful interface and natural language which uses intuitive tool for graphic designing.

6. Rapid & Accurate Extraction of Business Intelligence

Power BI is exclusively devised to help you transforming your enterprise data into understandable, rich, attractive visuals; which significantly helps in extracting data insights useful for informed decision making.

7. Balanced Performance & Simplicity

The DAX scripting language and in-memory analysis technology are the exquisite examples for maintaining equilibrium between performance and simplicity.

8. Support for Advanced Data Services

Power BI experts and our Microsoft Power BI development teams can assist you seamlessly integrating the environment with advanced cloud services such as Cortana, Cognitive Services or Bot Framework. Hence, providing outcomes for the verbal data search given using natural/everyday language.

If you are looking forward to integrate Power BI within your enterprise system anytime soon, contact Code Creators Inc. for further guidance and assistance.