Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Your App Development


The advent of technology in the modern world has made mobile apps a necessity for all business. Mobile apps have become a vital resource to sustain your business today and in future. Since its origination, more than 4 billion mobile apps have come into existence and is still evolving. It gives people the convenience to connect digitally while saving their time and efforts.

However, handling mobile app development on your own can be a daunting task as it involves technical expertise and in-depth knowledge in that area.

Considering this sensitiveness of mobile apps why would someone prefer to take the burden on their shoulder when outsourcing can gain you myriad advantages. It saves you from the nuisance of hiring a team of experts and then guiding them the infrastructure of your project.

Hiring the right mobile app outsourcing company that suits your project requirements can be a bit complicated especially if you are doing it for the first time. But, once you make the right decision, you save yourself from the pitfalls that can occur at the end of your project.

If you have outsourced app development in the past or planning to do it for the first time, then this blog will help you to consider essential points while working with an outsourcing company.

Pitfall No 1: Lack of Research:

When you hand over your project to the company without researching about them, you may end up regretting. With numerous digital mobile app outsourcing companies available online, it has become difficult to decide which company best fits your requirement and business goals. Selecting an outsourcing company based on online reviews and testimonials will not always work for you because they may have their expertise in a particular area and your requirements may relate to other area.

Solution: Have a one to one interview with the company and explore details about them. You may ask questions relevant to:

Portfolio: Looking at the companies’ portfolio will help you get the idea of their work. You can measure their performance, monitor their business growth, and see how adaptable they are to technological innovations and modern methods.

Know about Team: When you are investing in your project, it’s your right to inquire about the overseas app developers who will tackle your project. Ask about their experience and how well they cope up with the challenges coming their way. It will help to know about the team before you sign a formal contract with them.

Timing: The cons of working with outsourcing companies are the different time zone. It may happen that your outsourcing company works while you sleep and vice versa. To avoid this hurdle look for the company that matches your time zone or fix meeting timings with your company when they are available for real time communication.

Pitfall No 2: No Clear Objectives:

When outsourcing app development various people rush to the companies and give examples of the relevant apps they want, but it never works. Assuming your developers know everything can create contradictions when the final deliverable is achieved.

Solution: Create requirements brief and include the functionalities you want in your project, the UX requirements, project deadline, and scope. Clearing things in the initial stage will save you from blunders later.

Pitfall No 3: Investigate Low Budgets:

You should doubt your outsourcing company if it is charging less than expected. Right outsourcing companies will never offer mobile app development on a low budget as it involves sizeable efforts. Still, outsourcing companies try to entice clients by providing them low services quote, and as a result, the project suffers. You may not get your project as expected or the need may rise to redo the project – the outcomes can cost you double.

Solution: To keep your investment safe, perform a thorough market research and have an idea of mobile app development budget ranges. Ask your outsourcing company how they will break the payment into the milestone of the project, clear them your requirements about the project and then come on board with your company officially.

Pitfall No 4: Avoiding Communication:

You may have found the right outsourcing company, and it may be the best fit for your project, but it doesn’t mean they will straightforwardly handover your project on the assigned date. Or if they give your project on time, chances of errors might still be there.

Instant communication with your overseas app developers will let you know their working on the project. You can also stop them immediately if you see anything uncertain in your project. It is true that outsourcing reduces the burden on your side, but synchronization is essential to ensure timely delivery and quality measures you expect from the project.

End Thoughts:

Hiring the right outsourcing company for your mobile app development can not only save your time but also help to build strong professional relations in the market. If you are skeptical about your outsourcing company, then the above points are for you. Do a proper research, plan your strategy and follow it to come up with successful results.