How to Improve Your Business Efficiency with MS Office 365?


Modern business organizations keep on continuously striving to attain higher productivity levels. However, factors like poor workplace communication, non-flexible work conditions and erratic management are found to be the primary factors resulting in decline productivity. But, you must not lose hope if you are on the right track of with the right productivity technology of Microsoft Office 365 that are proving to boost business efficiency.

Research have shown that employees feel motivated, flexible and productive at workplaces that advanced technologies like cloud services instilled at workplace. It is also proven through studies that a tremendous rise of 400% in employee productivity has been noted among employees of organizations with business automated software, as compared to the one with older method of working.

In this article, we have discussed how MS Office 365 can help you improve the overall efficiency of your business; while improving agility, communication, and flexibility.

MS Office 365 Online

MS Office Online 365 Suite enable its users to share, create and edit document by using web/cloud-based version of Microsoft applications, such as MS Excel and MS Word. By using these online application, your employees can work from anywhere while controlling their routine tasks from anywhere, instead of waiting to return to their office desk to do the job. Using these apps remarkably improve business efficiency. A recent study by GitHub indicates a 36% rise in productivity in the employees who work alone from remote locations.

Multi-User Editing

With ‘Sharing Features’ of MS Office 365 teamwork has become much easier. By using the multi-user editing options, all the team members can access, create and edit the documents simultaneously, even on-the-go. This takes away all the complications of duplication within documents; or of sharing documents via email. Project teams spread across different remote locations can efficiently work together on same documents; without having to be present physically in the same room.

Team Groups

‘MY Team Groups’ features serve as an essential tool for amplifying employee collaboration and business efficiency at workplace. It allows you to keep all your resources and documents in one place; while making it easier for you to retrieve, read, share and edit each other’s work. All the team members are given the access to the documents automatically. This features can also be synced to your Microsoft Calendar, when also keeping everyone in the loop.

Streamlined MS Outlook Calendar

With ‘Outlook Calendar’ you just don’t need to worry about organizing meetings. By using MS Office 365, the users of Outlook Calendar can easily share their work schedules with their colleagues and clients, in order to find the best time to meet, that is convenient for all parties involved. By getting an access to the Department’s Calendar, you can easily where the schedules are overlapping; so that an alternative day and time can be determined for the meeting.

Microsoft Power BI

At present, Microsoft Power BI is one of the best business intelligence tool the business world has. MS Power BI helps tracking critical business trends and metrics, deciphering where time and budget are ideally spent, assessing project performance and transforming data into insights. Its user-friendly reporting features and customized dashboards enable user to access advance business analytics, that can be easily integrated within the business reports. Above all, these reports can be easily published on the corporate server and over external sources too. Getting quick access to ongoing projects and organizational data results in increased business efficiency and streamlined user actions.


Another ideal tool for team communication is Yammer. No matter if you are working in the office or form a remote location, the highly-interactive private social network of Yammer helps business to connect and collaborate easily and efficiently. Simple interface of Yammer allows coworkers to get answers to their queries quickly; which accumulatively results in productive discussions and conversation all across the organization.


Paddling thorough the piles of emails to find the prioritized one can be a chore. To avoid the hassle, you can use ‘Clutter’ in MS Office 365 which helps you tracking the emails that most of the readers want to read, while filtering the less important ones into a separate folder. It can also help in evaluating specific user settings; because it analyzed the former behavioral patterns to learn and tell what should be prioritize. The more your used, the smarter it becomes.

To Do

For any productive individual, an updated to-do list is of crucial importance. This helps employees to be on top of their work game and productivity. To Do option of MS Office helps breaking down a typical day into different categories such as work, health, family, social etc. This helps you organize your priorities, and also ensures that you remember them; whether it’s meeting your friends, taking your dog to a walk or to spend quality time with your family.


Another perfect collaboration tool for productive training and onboarding is Sway. This Microsoft application helps employees in sharing skills and information through interactive presentations. Instead of piling information on a new employee, Sway helps user to create content that a new employee can navigate through and use to learn at his convenient pace. It uses designs, videos and images to create engaging user experience, that are also easy to share.

Enhancing Business Efficiency & Attaining Better Results

According to experts, it is only 60% of an employee’s time, that is being productively spent, which means that 40% of the employee’s time does not add value to the organization, even when they are at work. However, with MS Office 365 and its brilliant collaborative tools, people are becoming more productive by controlling their workflow and repelling distractions.

If you want to find out how MS Office 365 can help you in improving your business efficiency, then consult a professional Office 365 like Code Creators Inc. to learn to use the software optimally.