How much do SharePoint licenses cost?


SharePoint is by far one of the most impressive solutions for companies all over the world. By acquiring a SharePoint license, you basically get to manage your content faster and easier. You also have the opportunity to increase company results while also avoiding situations when you spend too much.

That being said, SharePoint costs tend to differ quite a lot from one place to the other. In many cases, the SharePoint license costs can be very hard to figure out. But let’s start with the regular price, and then we’ll go from there.

SharePoint Online Costs

If you’re thinking about the SharePoint 2019 enterprise license cost, a good idea is to choose SharePoint online. You can access most of the features online, the SharePoint 2013 enterprise license cost or the SharePoint 2016 enterprise license cost will actually be higher than the online option. There are 3 plans to choose from here.

  • SharePoint Online (Plan 1): The first plan is $5/User/Month, here you get SharePoint and OneDrive. It has got all the features that mid-sized and small businesses need to grow and succeed.
  • SharePoint Online (Plan 2): For $10/User/Month you have all the SharePoint online features as well as it’s just a really comprehensive, amazing solution for you to check out.
  • Office 365 E3: At $20/User/Month per user every month you have SharePoint as well as Office 365, Exchange, Teams, Delve, and Yammer. The value is definitely better here, and it’s very comprehensive too since you get all the tools you need in a single package.


SharePoint On-Premise Costs

If you don’t want to use the online options, you must know that the SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 Enterprise License Cost, the costs are a bit higher. For the standard CAL (Client Access License) you will have communities, content, sites, and search.

However, if you go with the Enterprise CAL (Client Access License), you have all of the above as well as business intelligence and business solutions. So the costs do tend to add up quite a bit here, and all you have to do is to make the right pick as you adapt to suit your needs.

  • SharePoint Foundation License = Free.
  • Standard CAL (Client Access License) = $180/License.
  • Enterprise CAL (Client Access License) = $90/License (One-Time Purchase).
  • SharePoint Server License = $5000 Per Virtual Machine/Server.


If you inquire about the SharePoint 2016 Enterprise License Cost, this will be around $7000/Server. Prices can differ based on when you choose to do this. However, you can expect them to be around this number, more or less. If you need more than a single server, you can identify the price based on how many servers you actually need.




How Many Users Do You Have?

When it comes to the total SharePoint license price, the amount of users you have is very important. The regular SharePoint 2013 enterprise license cost and even the 2016 enterprise license cost is around $100/User/Month, so you can reach $10000 if you have 100 people that use this solution. That can obviously cost a lot of money.

This is why for a lot of people the online option is a lot better. Even if you don’t have direct access to the server and you can’t fully modify anything, the fact that you pay a lot less does factor in a lot easier. The idea here is that it’s just a great opportunity and a unique experience to check out, plus it does work really well and you should totally use it as an advantage if you can.

Which Is the Most Affordable SharePoint Version?

Normally the newest versions are always more expensive than the previous one. But the SharePoint 2019 enterprise license costs are definitely lower if you go with the online option. That’s actually a very good thing because you have a whole lot more options and you can feel free to choose what works for you and what doesn’t.

Are There Any Other Costs?

Aside from the SharePoint enterprise license costs, you also have to think about the hardware costs too. If you go with the on-site version, you most likely need to have computers capable enough to handle newer software and multitasking opportunities. Which might be an additional investment too. You also need a lot of storage space too, which bumps this up even more in regards to costs.

Things are a bit better if you go with the SharePoint Online version because you get to avoid problems and just keep everything online. But even there you have lots of different stopping points. Which is why it’s a very good idea to talk with Microsoft or certified SharePoint professionals and inquire about the SharePoint enterprise license costs. These tend to vary based on your business and its specifics to begin with. Yet you can expect costs to be pretty high if you have a large business. However, if you have a small business you have to consider the online counterpart. You get a pretty good value for the money this way, and you can avoid any potential issues to begin with.