Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s Enterprise Management Solution


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive business management solution designed for growing businesses looking for an easy upgrade from their basic accounting software and legacy ERP systems.

Dynamic 365 is designed to help organizations to manage operations, finance, customer services, and sales, streamlining business processes, making better decisions, and improving customer interactions. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is based on a set of proven technologies that are serving millions of users all across the world. Dynamic 365 is helping the organization in;

  • Connecting Your Business: Unifies business and increases efficiency with automated tasks and workflows, all integrated with familiar Office tools such as Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Making Smarter Decisions: Get a complete view and better results of your business with real-time data connectivity, business guidance, and analysis, supported by the leading smart technologies of Microsoft.
  • Start & Grow Easily: With Dynamic 365, you can grow your business at your desired pace, while adapting a real-time, flexible platform that facilitates the expansion of your business on the base of your changing business needs.


Today we want to dedicate our article to Dynamics 365, the suite of business solutions that Microsoft presented in 2018, with a wide range of business applications that meet all the needs of ERP software, CRM, and business analytics, adaptable to any company and sector.

The evolution of Microsoft’s business solutions is moving towards full integration that does not even use the terms ERP and CRM, if not global applications that provide flexible and scalable solutions, covering standard and specific needs, betting on the use of artificial intelligence, real-time analytics and new technologies applied to IoT or Machine Learning.

Adaptation & Scalability in All Sectors

The solutions 365th adapt to any kind of business, regardless of the sector in which they operate. The business solutions from Microsoft can provide answers to companies engaged in the service, with applications focused on the management and resolution of cases of service and customer support, as well as companies engaged in construction, streamlining and making more efficient processes project management or also in the distribution or manufacturing sector, with the intelligent management of advanced warehouses.

Dynamics 365 consists of 8 business applications that, as we said before, respond to all business processes regardless of the sector and business.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

This is the closest solution to what we have so far called ERP. It has functionalities for financial and accounting management, but it also has functionalities for efficient project and warehouse management. It has a basic scenario for managing contacts and some typical functions of a CRM.

Dynamics 365 For Sales

One of the main concerns and challenges for business is to earn more from the same business resources while improving the performance of your sales team. Increasing productivity of your commercial equipment has become one of the crucial pillar of every business’ strategy.

This solution is focused on optimizing sales processes through the use of artificial intelligence, with the aim of automating processes as much as possible, strengthening and facilitating the work of sales teams, so that resources they add value to their tasks and accelerate the closure of new opportunities. You can find out more about the solution on our website.

Dynamics 365 For Customer Service

Today, customer experience is a key factor in brand loyalty. Customer expectations are rising and it is critical that organizations keep pace with these expectations in an innovative way and offer a differentiated experience, if they do not want to lag behind the competition and lose positions.

If your company offers customer service, this solution will help you do it flawlessly. Commit to exploiting the experience gained, make your customer service have quick and complete access to all information regarding customers and make it easy to offer a differentiated, consistent and excellent experience that you ensure the loyalty of your customers. You can learn more about the importance of focusing efforts on customer service in our article ” customer service, a key point for business growth ”

Dynamics for Field Service

This solution is committed to optimizing the planning of technical visits. It allows the automation of routes, always looking for the maximum profitability and efficiency, by means of the analysis and continuous crossing of data.

Project Service Automation

As its name suggests, this business application is specifically designed for the efficient management of projects with functionalities that facilitate the exhaustive monitoring of budgets and costs, the issuance of invoices, the study and analysis of capabilities and performance of equipment and the distribution of time.

Dynamics 365 For Talent Management

Knowing how to capture, retain and manage talent in companies is a key point for their growth. Facing corporate challenges and adapting structures to market changes is only possible thanks to the people who make up the teams. They are the key to transformation and Dynamics ’Talent solution enables your HR team to achieve all of these goals in an easy, agile and cost-effective way. You can access more information and features of this solution in our post “Managing talent in the company as an engine of change”.

Dynamics 365 For Retail

This is a specific module for retail companies, which has more than 100 variables for warehouse management with variables of size, model, color, etc. It has the possibility of continuous analysis of all points of sale, being able to know trends, dynamics, stock status and much more to be able to offer an excellent shopping experience, from a single platform, adaptable to any type of POS and / or hardware such as cash registers, printers or others.

Dynamics 365 Commerce unifies administrative, digital and in-store experience with the goal of improving employee productivity, simplifying and optimizing operations, improving the supply chain, and inventory management to ultimately improve business results.

Finance & Operations

It unifies all the processes of finance and operations and makes informed decisions with the greatest possible agility. This solution adapts very well to companies working in changing and fluctuating markets quickly and very often.