10 Key Business Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint Application Development


MS SharePoint is a web-based app that is used for document sharing and content collaboration, intranet and business intelligence, and much more. Microsoft SharePoint offers a wide variety of benefits that are persuasive enough and this is why over 75% of Fortune 500 Companies are using SharePoint. MS SharePoint comes along with the Office 365 Suite, however, you are required to buy your desired licenses considering the features you need and the number of users you want to connect under a particular license.

The primary interface of SharePoint is very much similar to Office 365, however, it is more customizable and highly flexible. SharePoint is renowned across the world for the exceptional user experience and ease of use it provides. In this blog post, we will be discussing the 10 key benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint App Development.

Key Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint Application Development

1. Intrinsic Multi-Purpose Functionalities

The biggest benefit of using SharePoint app development is its flexibility. Being one of the most privileged and legendary collaborative platforms which serve as a DMS, CMS, and an Intranet, SharePoint helps you fulfilling all your company’s internal requirements such as scheduling, enterprise contact search, information & document sharing, corporate website, etc.

Different permission levels can also be assigned by ‘Administrators’ considering the user status. Other than that, SharePoint also offers well-defined functionalities for social networking, document sharing, file management, information management along with the proficient organization of everyday business operations.

2. Customization

Default features and functionalities of SharePoint are perfectly alright to be kept but if your business calls for modifications, then you can easily work on the SharePoint customization element to make it fit your requirements. With MS SharePoint, you can customize the interface of the whole application so that it blends well with your brand identity while enhancing overall employees’ experience of usage of the app.

3. Centralized Administration

Easy management of the app is another great benefit that comes along with SharePoint. Administrators can easily and quickly access all the operational features of the app, ranging from security settings to performance restoration, update privilege, site backups, site data, etc. through a single dashboard.

4. Collaboration & Information Management

SharePoint also makes it easy for organizations to sort their information and access them instantly whenever needed. Another big benefit of SharePoint is the streamlined information flow, along with cloud storage, which enables users to access their desired information anytime they want.

Additionally, when your employees are always informed, they are capable of meeting all the deadlines, understanding shared business strategy, making informed decisions, and contributing well towards the organization. Additionally, file sharing is a matter of a few simple clicks. This exceptional mobility offered by SharePoint makes it more valued in the IT world.

5. Site Consolidation

You can integrate all your shared work and site using SharePoint Online and significantly reduce the cost of managing a separate system for site administration. Consolidation of internet and intranet sites makes it a piece of cake for your internal IT team to manage and access internal sites and information.

6. Easy Integration

With MS SharePoint, you get seamless integration with every system, no matter if it is a legacy enterprise system or a third-party app that is being used by your business. MS SharePoint seamlessly integrates with MS Office Suite (MS Excel, MS PowerPoint * MS Word), MS Exchange Server, MS Unified Communication, ERP, CRM, and many other back-office systems. Also, this compatibility proficiencies of SharePoint are not limited to SharePoint Online or Internet Explorer, it also works really well for all other types of modern browsers.

7. Enhanced Security

SharePoint’s advanced security features are among the best things that you may get from this platform. With the multi-layered security system of SharePoint, the risks of data theft and unauthorized access get significantly reduced. Workflow upgrades and authentication enhancements are some of the brilliant security features to be mentioned. Data integrity also remains reliable as the shareability and access to the information get optimized. Other editing, access permissions, and security configurations can also be defined at the document and individual level.

SharePoint also pledges to keep your highly sensitive data secured, by allowing you to configure security settings at various levels in order to control shareability, storage, and auditing to attain improved compliance with the industry regulation requirements regarding data security.

8. Design Assistance & Ease of Use

When you are using SharePoint, you don’t need to hire any additional personnel or team of experts to take care of your database management system or to improvise your website. Because with MS SharePoint, you also get your hands on the proficiencies to develop personalized solutions that can enable you to meet your business needs precisely.

SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server have Application Programming Interface (APIs) to perform all these jobs. By using built-in SharePoint features optimally, you can cut your costs significantly when aiming at personalized app development.

9. Content Management

With SharePoint Online, you can create, share, edit and publish your content on various websites both internally and externally and also on social media platforms. SharePoint’s social networking features make it even easier for users to share ideas, content, information, and updates.

SharePoint users can also publish Office 365 documents on this platform and also within and outside the enterprise system. Similarly, users can also create and edit tasks by using their laptops or mobile phones and convert them into different formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

10. Prompt & Streamlined Business Process

SharePoint makes data collection and organization easier than ever before. Whether it is the interaction with your business partners, collecting information from your supplier; or consistent communication with your customers and stakeholders; SharePoint got you all covered. With MS SharePoint, people can now create intelligent business portals that can display their data in form of scorecards, web parts, dashboards, etc. These capabilities enable employees to make informed decisions, trace and track market trends and customer preferences and also predict the possible fluctuation in demand and supply.

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