Build your own applications through these easy app development tools
Build your own applications through these easy app development tools
on February 9, 2018 2:13 pm

Today in this era of development and designing the creation of mobile and web applications is increasing day by day and thus the increase in technology there are many systems use to give ease to the developers in order to design and build applications easily and rapidly with respect to time and cost available for the development.

As we know that increase or change in technology gives many problems to understand the platform and many API and libraries were introduced on daily basis so that we can create clearly tested applications with ease and comfort , but development is not the name of ease as because arrival of new platforms also gives us some hurdles related to API and libraries integration.

However, the development of latest platforms and frameworks have provided a good business to develop complex and hardware integrated apps with these platforms. Due to this custom software development have also become much easy by these platforms, because latest API and libraries fulfil clients every expected requirement and need which gives custom development rise on its peak.

How to build an app:

To build and develop an application is not a rocket science even if you are not a good developer, as because explained above that we have latest frameworks for designing apps is now very easy. To build apps we have to focus on the following key points:

  1. First step is to focus on gathering requirements clearly so that there shouldn’t be any issue at the time of development.
  2. Second step is to design the mockups related to your requirements in order to clarify the system by matching it with clients and expectations as UI/UX plays an important role in apps more downloads.
  3. Now the development will have two phases back-end and front-end our first focus must be on the back end.
    • In back-end we handle the data where to save for this we have many platforms which help us to hold our data in a particular database and implement all kind of logical operations, calculations, web services and hardware interfacing as well. In back-end, we handle such operations.
    • In front-end, we handle our user experience and design with respect to our requirements in this we create what user gives and provide users ease and comfort in order to use our app. So UI and UX must be as good as possible because if the UI is not interactive and easy to use so then it takes user seconds to uninstall our app.
  4. In this stage, we have to test our applications for any type of functional and non-functional requirements so that we can launch application error free.
  5. In this, we decide our budget and prepare documents if it is a custom software and launch our applications.

By these steps, we can create successful apps easily and rapidly.

Easy development tools:

Build your own applications through these easy app development tools. we have mentioned a list of tools which not only helps the user to create lively applications but also help them marketing as well.Beside that we can also get development cost and testing results through these IDE mentioned below:

  1. Visual studio (use for desktop applications, entity frameworks and web apps).
  2. Android studio by google (use for native Android development).
  3. Website designing (jimdo, wix, google sites, WordPress).
  4. Hybrid apps (ionic framework).
  5. Magento (for web backend framework)
  6. Google forms.
  7. Unity 3D
  8. mobatic
  9. eachscape
  10. Thunkable
  11. Buildup App maker
  12. Appy pie

Using these tools and latest frameworks we can create and design creative, attractive apps with good performance. However, the apps may be created in such a way that every user can get benefit from it because it will not only increase the demand of the app but also it will be a startup for the good business.

Above mentioned tools are best for every developer into design and create apps.

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