What Are the Major Benefits of Using Power BI for Your Business That You Must Know?


Microsoft Power BI, What Is It? Why it is an efficient software service for the company. How it can be used on-premises are the dominant applications that have been named as Microsoft Office. Well, let’s begin with a brief overview of business intelligence and analytical services that enable reporting and presentation making easier than ever before. Power BI is a visualization and data analytical tool which helps transforming your business data into visually attractive an easy-to-understand reports. With cloud storage facility, it makes data analysis very fast and simple, while also allowing user to access and share reports anytime, from anywhere in the world.

In this blog post, we have discussed the major benefits that are offered by MS Power BI to your business. MS Power BI minimizes complexity of your data and transform it into insightful data reports that not only facilitate instant connectivity to different, separate data sources; but also enable informed decision making.

By bringing all the important data together, it organizes data in visually appealing graphics and charts; while customized dashboards also allow you to sort your data as per your choice. And with this presentation that is easy-to-understand, it will make the management and other authorized personnel looking at this as an organized and efficient source of information. Now, let’s discuss the major benefits of integrating Power BI in your business.

1. Monetary Efficient

Every company wants to operate everything, but at lower cost of money. So when it comes to business intelligence, remember that only basic version of Power BI is free, however, the other versions are also cost efficient and affordable considering the smart features and functions that it offers.

But this has been expanded only with the basic version, want to take advantage of the Pro version, so it will cost about 9.99$ per month. Fortunately, we can say that it offers you the best office service, even cheaper in costs than streaming service, based on a one-month subscription.

But if you want to take advantage of better and advanced features, then you can upgrade to Power BI Pro or Power BI Premium license; because even the paid subscriptions of Power BI are easily affordable and may cost you between $10/user/month to $125/user/month (for different licenses, depending on usability and feature demand).

2. Provides Predictive Forecast

Getting an accurate forecast ability is one of the best thing that a business may dreamt of. As indirect predictions of future visualization, if we can say all uncertainties, risks, opportunities and everything else.

By interpreting all of this, you can make your basic business plan to get started and seize the opportunity where your product can be most beneficial in returns. Most importantly, it can enable your company to make the most efficient data-driven decision.

Whereas this is very good spot coverage for Microsoft technology companies, as they all rely on data provisioning for the development of their Microsoft applications. Power BI also make up for the inefficiencies caused by a forecast software.

3. Improved Functionality for Web Reporting

To show your best performance to see around the world, for your customers here, your unique design can be the main feature to get a big market. This can be easily achieved, by simply selecting the visually attractive graphics and then clicking on the ‘Publish to Web’ feature. Above all, published reports can be seen by all users, except those who are exclusively prohibited from software usage. This enables you to become more creative for your web page and also for your corporate web.

4. Faster Actions & Better Productivity

Another significant benefit of integrating Power BI into your business is that it ensures that your users are updated with the latest data, while ensuring that you put the updated data and figures into the presentations and reports. Not just attached to the desktop with the user’s permission to provide the phone’s alert functions, they can receive notifications related to that.

In addition to allowing them to extract deep insights for a wide range of scenarios, it becomes capable of showing the dashboards on the web and on mobile phones. Also, these insights are readily available for quick review; since data sorting, data organizing and reporting are easiest and highly convenient with Power BI.

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5. Simple Learning Curve

When it is said that the it is an easy to use software, it is because it requires very less engineering resources to begin with. You can immediately start using Power BI by simply login into it. In fact, many MS Office 365 users are already familiar with the platform. It seems easier to use, because it integrates really well with other MS Office apps and programs such as MS Teams and SharePoint.

6. Storage Collection Compatibility for Accurate Analysis of All Data

Power BI comes with remarkable capabilities for data collection and reconfiguration to provide you with instant access to OneDrive along with the cloud storage options. Power BI is also capable of making smart analysis from other cloud storage services such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics etc. These functionalities help significantly in proficient decision making of any organization.

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7. Three-Way Service

As we discussed earlier, this software comes with different versions. The Power BI Basic or Power BI Free version is available for free. Whereas, other versions including Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, Power BI Embedded and Power BI Report Server Only are available against monthly subscriptions. Your decision to choose the type of license is completely depended on your organizational needs. If you have a company that is newly started, then Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium can help you do the task without putting too much pressure on your resources. However, for a smaller size enterprise, you can only opt for single user subscription through personal or corporate account, which is available for Power BI Free and Power BI Pro version.

If you have a large business enterprise with complex needs, we would recommend you investing in Power BI Embedded, Power BI Premium or Power BI Server Only Licenses to get access to advanced features and functionalities. Explaining in a nutshell, that the pro version can be made for collaborative project modules and can cover less time.

If you choose a Premium version, not only will you have the option of collaboration, but it also ensures that your data is protected in this software and no external access will come close. Along with security, it also offers up-to-date data as it offers quick analysis of the data, even users from different regions. With the cloud, on-premises installation would completely play a better role in data delivery capabilities.


This plethora of reasons would be enough to say that the BI development solution plays an important role in the office application market. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the subject, browse your cheapest internet today on YouTube because everyone can get tutorial videos to implement this software and make it customary in the computerization of your data. Along with your daily updates, it can make you deal with the current dynamic environment of the technology market.