What Are the Benefits of the SharePoint Intranet Portal?


Work is easier and more fun thanks to the abundance of tools available to us, such as corporate forums, messengers, chats, and video conferencing solutions. Over the past few decades, the technological landscape has shifted tremendously, making it possible for anyone with access to the necessary tools to start their own company. Intranet software has developed to transform company processes while many other technologies have come and gone.

From its early days with few features to its current state as the digital workplace’s all-in-one solution, the intranet has gone a long way. In addition to improving top-down communication, employee engagement, productivity, project management, and collaboration, today’s intranets offer many more benefits.

Issues in Identifying the Appropriate Intranet Software

Although there are many advantages to having an intranet, not every business can use the same setup when it comes time to establish one. Since intranets are not central to everyday functioning and workplace norms, we often overlook them easily.

The success of your digital workplace as a whole depends on your intranet, and an effective platform choice will turn it into a centralized hub for all of your company’s internal communications, tools, and apps. Although admirable, this objective place significant demands on the intranet platform you choose for your company.

And SharePoint is here to help you with all of your business and employee engagement problems.

Can we consider SharePoint an intranet? SharePoint was first released in 2001 as a document management system; in 2003, it gained online publishing features and quickly became the industry standard. Using SharePoint as your intranet isn’t your only choice, but it was the first platform to truly master intranets and collaboration, which has helped it become the industry standard.

Why Ready-Made SharePoint Intranets Are Becoming So Common Internal Portal

In an ideal world, your company’s intranet would serve as a central repository for all internal communications, a portal to all necessary software, the nerve center for information and idea exchange, and the backbone of your digital workplace.

Microsoft SharePoint’s emphasis on teamwork is one of its most salient features. At the same time, it may do wonders for your company’s bottom line and morale in the workplace. SharePoint, the company intranet included in Office 365, has both professional and social tools (such as Project Management, Workflow, Document Management, team and Project collaboration sites, etc). (Blogs, Chats, Newsfeeds, Stack exchange, etc.).
To What End Is SharePoint Being Used as An Internal Network?

Top 5 Reasons Why A SharePoint Modern Intranet Is The Right Option For Your Business

1. Office 365 Ecosystem

SharePoint is a core component of the Office 365 package and provides a rich environment with many pre-built features and functionalities. OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Skype for Business, Yammer, Delve, and many more are just a few of the excellent tools available. Using Power Automate and Power BI, a modern SharePoint intranet offers a wealth of possibilities for enhancing internal business processes and reporting. It also opens up new opportunities for SharePoint Online to eventually incorporate Microsoft’s automation and AI features. You can attain a wonderful digital office experience by integrating the capabilities of the Office 365 suite with your intranet.

2. Customization And Targeting of Content

The powers of personalization play a crucial part when it comes to the intranet. SharePoint can be used as an intranet because it facilitates the creation of a unique online work environment and because of its seamless compatibility with Active Directory user accounts. With a contemporary intranet, you can focus the content into distinct groups by division, location, functions, or seniority level. This allows for the placement of various pieces of personalized content aimed at specific workers. Users of Microsoft’s SharePoint internal network can also opt into newsletters about a variety of topics.

3. Excellent Document Management

The knowledge and records that are collected, stored, and shared within an organization are crucial to its success. The comprehensive document and library capabilities are a few of the fundamental elements of the SharePoint corporate intranet that assist enterprises to accomplish state-of-the-art knowledge management, collaboration, and more. The SharePoint libraries can be readily incorporated into your intranet to enable quick access to documents. Well, the capabilities are not just restricted to document lifecycle, but it goes much beyond. Everything you need is in one location, from version control and check-in/check-out to interaction with Microsoft Office. Without the burden of email chains, you can also simply update and co-author your works with others.

4. Extremely Adaptable & Scalable

When it comes to customization and versatility, the SharePoint platform has no limits. Need to know SharePoint intranet construction secrets? Content management, internal communication, enterprise search, collaboration, employee engagement, and many more features are all readily available for you to incorporate into your own, customized digital workplace solution.

SharePoint’s features are always evolving to keep up with the ever-shifting objectives of businesses. Microsoft spends a lot of time and money improving SharePoint with new features and upgrades so that it can provide a flawlessly designed internal website. When using SharePoint as your company’s intranet, you won’t need to invest extra money, time, or effort in creating a bespoke intranet solution.

5. Collaboration & Social Features

Microsoft SharePoint is no longer a rigid, inflexible platform limited to usage on corporate networks. SharePoint’s employee intranet has developed into an interactive social system thanks to the addition of a plethora of collaboration and social capabilities, including the evolution of Yammer’s “Follow” features and the tools found in Office 365. It can be put to good use to keep workers interested and give them something enjoyable to do that also has a social component. While the SharePoint intranet cannot take the place of a social media platform, it does offer social network-like features like profiles, interests, job descriptions, teams, etc. It facilitates internal searches for specific individuals, enhances comprehension of the target audience, and strengthens lines of contact. Also, Microsoft Teams has replaced Yammer as the company’s primary intranet platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is It About SharePoint Intranet That Has Businesses Switching to It?

With Microsoft’s constant updates and enhancements, SharePoint has become a more robust and promising foundation upon which to construct the ideal corporate intranet. SharePoint’s flexibility is the intranet’s biggest selling point. The platform comes equipped with many features that can be further enhanced with alterations. Depending on your company’s specific needs, you can customize this digital workplace solution to meet those demands. SharePoint Online comes along with Office 365 Suite, so you may take advantage of cloud computing features as well.

2. What Is SharePoint’s Intranet Functionality? And How to Use It Efficiently?

As expected, SharePoint has quickly emerged as one of the most popular intranet solutions for businesses. An intranet-in-a-box with relevant templates and add-ons can maximize SharePoint. A readymade intranet “in a box” is cheaper and faster than custom intranets, which require a large development staff.

SharePoint and Office 365 intranet-in-a-box solutions promote collaboration, productivity, adoption, engagement, and business efficiency.

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3. What Benefits Does SharePoint Intranet Offer to A Workplace?

Organizations of all sizes and in many fields can benefit from using the SharePoint intranet portal. For the better part of two decades, it has led the way in the fields of document management and collaboration. The major benefits that empower the digital workplace are the out-of-the-box SharePoint intranet features. This includes digital asset management, document management, collaboration, enterprise search, enterprise-grade security, employee engagement, and project management. SharePoint is now available as part of Office 365 (SharePoint online), providing a user-friendly and inexpensive alternative for creating a digital workplace.

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SharePoint constantly innovates to give its users the best platform. SharePoint intranet is the best choice for your company because of its continual updates and new features. It constantly delivers excellent functionality, and powerful capabilities for employee engagement, internal communications, and collaboration.

Ready-to-go intranets are perfect for the workplace and employee experience while minimizing intranet deployment time. When combined with the features of Office 365, Code Creators Inc. provides an unrivaled user experience.  With its ability to easily integrate with SharePoint’s most recent updates and enhancements, it will improve your digital workplace. As a result, your company’s intranet will be able to better serve your employees and meet their demands.

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