Augmented reality is one word that you will hear around quite often now, as it is a growing technology for a demand that is even bigger than its supply is for now. Several businesses have developed an interest in this technology which has caused developers all over the world to adapt to this unique technology, … Continue reading “How Augmented Reality Will Impact Businesses in 2019”

on May 15, 2019 5:43 am
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With the addition of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow into SharePoint, there is a lot that can be done to benefit each within an organization. If you have ever wanted to build a help desk ticket management system within SharePoint Online to help your employees manage all their tickets in one location, you have come to … Continue reading “Building a Ticketing System with Microsoft Flow in SharePoint”

on May 4, 2019 3:36 am

SharePoint is a leading collaboration platform in the world that all organizations are drawn towards. With Microsoft continuously releasing new updates for the On-Premise and Online versions of SharePoint, nothing is stopping you from reaching your organization’s full potential and increase your profitability. Code Creators have created a detailed step by step guide for you … Continue reading “Detailed Step by Step Guide to Create a Web Application in SharePoint 2013”

on May 2, 2019 5:08 am
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Over the past few years, an exploded usage of mobile application has been witnessed. With an ever increasing adoption of advance mobile phones, the tech savvy consumers of the modern times are progressively using mobile applications for everything they do; ranging from ordering food to ticket booking and from bank transactions to watch movies etc. … Continue reading “Trends in Mobile App Development”

on April 26, 2019 5:18 am
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Microsoft Flow has grown considerably in the last couple of years and has become a serious competitor of SharePoint Designer. However, there have been some speculations about how it would eventually replace SharePoint Designer given that Microsoft Flow will be not be releasing any new versions of itself, according to the news. With recent announcements, … Continue reading “Integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Flow”

on April 24, 2019 1:46 am
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