5 Advantages of Android App Development for The Enterprises


Android is the market leader when it comes to market share. The Android OS is leading the global market with more than 85% of the market share. As soon as Google launches newer versions for the OS, that are explicitly designed with enhanced security and user-friendly features; entrepreneur keenly awaits to get a better share in the pie, with the help of the customized Android apps. Presently, there are more than 3.3 million Android apps on Google Play, and this number is continuously increasing, which shows the high acceptability and adaptability of the Android Apps.

This has given rise to Mobile Application Development Services because it is one of the most thriving space within the technology industry. Business enterprise are progressively getting into Android App development for their business and services to stay closer to their customers and more competitive in the market. However, the benefits of Android App for Business are not limited up till here. Below, we have listed 5 foremost advantage of Android App Development for business.

1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

Being an open-source platform, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is available readily to Android developers. Additionally, it is more cost-effective as compared to iOS. The Android App Development cycle is broadly categorized into three stages, i.e. App Designing & Development, App Testing, and App Deployment. The overall process of Android App Development cycle is not expensive. They are easily adaptable to material designs, and the end-results are interactive and engaging Android apps at a relatively cost for addressing the needs of a vast global audience. In sum, a customized Android app tends to provide higher ROI to your business as compares to iOS app, because they are reachable by a broader audience.

2. Easy Customizations

Android is a versatile and highly flexible platform with easy options for customization. With Android app development, your enterprise gets an interesting and innovative business app with diverse, high-performing functionalities. Android is a vigorous operating system which is capable of integrating to all types of modification ranging from complex to simple. Android apps address your business needs effectively while enabling you to integrate with various other data management tools and functions to cope up with the changing needs. All you need is to hire android app developers to leverage its benefits.

3. Easy Marketing & Enhance Security

Google has launched many business-friendly features in all its recent updates starting from Lollipop. Currently, the platform is standing tall and firm against Apple Inc. and its other counterparts, when it comes to data security. It has now difficult for malware to detect the data structure. Moreover, an automated system can send users periodic notifications to keep them secured and updated. Due to high market prevalence among the global audience, Android apps have also become a great medium to market and promote your business. In sum, Android apps provide your business with the great advantage of both marketing and safety.

4. Deep Integration with Other Google Apps

One of the most significant advantages that your business may reap with Android apps is to get more in-depth integration with other Google applications. Although a large number of services are now available for iOS as well, they still lack somehow in deep integrations. With a customized Android app for your business, you users can enjoy the benefits of various other Google applications and features. Furthermore, whenever Google will launch a new app or service, it will integrate seamlessly with your (up-to-date) Android app.

5. Reduced Time to Market (TTM)

For a business, it is crucial to come up to the market with an up-to-date app as soon as possible, in order to stay competitive among the rivalry. With Android App development, you get the benefits of quick development and easy integration of advanced features. Experienced Android developers such as Code Creators (CCI) can get you to build your Android app developed in a very short period of time while reducing your TTM subsequently. Also, you can get the changes or modification adjusted in your Android app quickly.

In sum, if you need a quick-to-develop and easy-to-integrate app for your business, then Android App Development can be a perfect resort. At CCI, we provide best-in-class Android App Development Services, which enable you to get the best out of your business and the Android platform.