5 Ways SharePoint will Improve Productivity


Imagine you are running a small setup that requires continuous collaboration with your team, managing documents, switching through emails and scheduling meetings. Which platform will you choose to collaborate? And will it be easy for you to manage? Because without any appropriate platform your time will be wasted sharing emails, searching for the latest document and tracking your team progress.

If you are familiar with all these hassles that take your time and cost then let me introduce you to Microsoft SharePoint.

It is a web-based collaboration platform that empowers teamwork, increase document sharing and helps you stay productive in your organization.

But do you know the 5 five best ways SharePoint adds productivity to your business?


Let’s learn!

1) Document Management

If you are working on a document and then sending it to your coworkers to review, edit and approve then you are wasting your precious time. Because you can manage the same thing within no time.

SharePoint’s – document management feature allow your peers to edit the file simultaneously and share feedback. Not only this but you can also share documents outside of your organization i.e. customers/vendors or external users.

It helps you keep track of your important documents and securely locate them in an organized folder without the fret of getting lost.

2) Seamless Collaboration

SharePoint increase the information flow by letting your team connected throughout the project. The latest version of SharePoint contains features like Task List, Events List, Discussion Board and Versioning which ensure smooth collaboration across the organization.

That’s not enough! By creating workflows in SharePoint you can build the path of your project and stay updated of your team’s working. The better collaboration at the workplace adds to improved decision making and strategy building.

3) Saves Time

If you have managed a project manually, you must be familiar with the stress it brings. But now by adopting SharePoint environment, you can carefree automate the manual processes with SharePoint workflows. Receive signatures, monitor the project details, send and get approvals and increase accessibility regardless of your location. You can also set reminders and timescales to make sure that your peers are not left behind.

4) Customization

SharePoint comes with myriad features especially the latest versions. But it’s not necessary to keep all the SharePoint features. You can customize your SharePoint environment according to your organization needs. Even if you are looking to brand your SharePoint site, you can tweak the features and align it with your brand image perfectly.

5) Ease of Use

To use SharePoint you don’t need to have a development experience prior. So whether you need to create workflows or optimize your existing SharePoint environment you can do it without getting into development practices.

Do your Organization need SharePoint?

If you are tired of the tedious tasks that require time-consuming paperwork and keeps you involved in the mundane business processes then SharePoint is the way to go.

With SharePoint, you can not only automate the workflows but can also migrate your old data to the new environment. In addition to it, you can also brand your SharePoint site, increase internal and external communication of your organization, enable better collaboration and customize your business environment the way you want.

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