10 Key Benefits of Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) is an innovative and invaluable analytic tool that businesses utilize to analyze data and gain deep insights regarding their operation. This forms a support for organizations that lean heavily upon data in their decision-making. This is a key component of businesses to drive competitiveness and efficiency to a new level. The ability of enterprises using this tool to discover relevant information and enhance their decision-making is the reasons why Microsoft Power BI is gaining rapid adoption.

What are other reasons why businesses should start adopting this tool? Here are the main benefits of using Microsoft Power BI.

Personalized Dashboards

One of the interesting features of Power BI is the personalization of the dashboard. The dashboard can be customized to your enterprise’s requirements. The data reports are displayed on the personalized dashboards leading to a unified user experience.

Increased Performance

Data reports are offered by Power BI through agile inquiry and analysis that are very easy to comprehend. Every user will find it easy to access data sources as no initial knowledge is required. Power BI offers business organizations graphical designer tools and user-friendly tools to enable business analytics departments to make a well-informed decision pertaining to which market is growing and under performing.

Regular Update

Power BI is constantly updated to offer users updated and advanced features to help make more accurate business decisions. The update is typically carried out on a monthly basis. With this business analytical tool, you are ensured to make decisions that will dovetail accurately with the market changes. Data on the dashboard is updated/refreshed several times per day to enable businesses to make better business decisions.

Limited Constraints and Enhanced Speed

In shifting of business by an enterprise from an existing BI to another business analytical intelligence platform, potential constraints are considered. A cloud storage sphere with an embedded Power BI takes out memory and speed constraints. This, in turn, ensures a quick and seamless recovery and analysis of data.

Integration with Advanced Services

The Power Business Intelligence can be effortlessly integrated with the existing IT operations and systems. This enables the organization to adopt and utilize Power BI analytics to analyze data reports with ease. The advanced and automated tools of Power BI can be used to embed accurate data reports on the dashboard to make better decisions.

Standardized Data

Power BI accesses data across multiple platforms (Ms. Excel, cloud-based services and more) to gather and publish reports. This avails to everybody the same data regarding the vital metrics of your business.

Automated BI Tools

The BI is an effective business analytical tool that gives you an all-round view of your business. This is done using the 20 built-in visual tools to formulate persuasive and interactive reports that will be communicated throughout the enterprise management.

Quick Analysis of Data

Users can quickly obtain the information about their business in a breeze using the Power BI analytical tool. Given that the reports are displayed on the dashboard, an insight into the business can be acquired by simply glancing at the charts and graphs. The metrics associated with these graphics enable you to assists you to make well-informed decisions.

Q&A Function

Using the Power BI tool, complex languages are not required to obtain information from your data. The Q&A feature allows users to obtain information by asking a question using a natural language. This makes it possible for businesses to achieve self-servicing business intelligence.

It is Cost-effective

Microsoft Power BI is a business data analytic tool that is easily affordable. This is attributed to the basis that this tool does not require the purchase of licenses, engineering resources and more. Users can subscribe for the free version and start customizing their dashboards. The data analysis is done internally by the organization to save costs.

Businesses that recognize the power of data analysis in driving competition and efficiency to a new level utilizes Microsoft Power BI. These benefits can help you to analyze your business data accurately and make a fast decision-making.

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