10 Best practices for building SharePoint solutions


SharePoint is a vast platform for designing and creating best and efficient business solutions for any big and small organizations in which there is not only the business management but there is a variety of other services provided by Microsoft. This is the best platform to manage the business flow and cooperate with the business managers accordingly.

For making perfect solutions we have to be primitive with our logic and idea we apply to create new business solutions in SharePoint as flow matters in making better solutions. The SharePoint development solutions not only provide us a platform but also help us to increase our business flow fast and accurate.

SharePoint development services are a lot to define a business flow to execute that flow. SharePoint provide us with the following services:

  • Websites
  • Contents
  • Communities
  • Search
  • Insights
  • Composites

These are open source means that within organization where the solution is installed everyone who is authorized will be using all these services and work together this is the power SharePoint.

SharePoint development software is developed by Microsoft most used for SharePoint business Solutions known as Visual studio 2012 and latest versions. These frameworks are integrated with all the API’s and Libraries used in development of SharePoint solutions.

Best practices for building SharePoint solutions

Following are the best practices for building SharePoint Solutions:

  1. Deploy a Custom field type using.WSP
  2. Avoid naming conflicts all files have different names
  3. Entering safe control entries in manifest.XML file
  4. Deploying a feature to push .web part in gallery
  5. Do not use any type of code in your web part
  6. Always load a user control
  7. Put only properties in web part so that there are no conflicts between the fields
  8. Creating a baseline performance indication of your farm that you update each time you deploy new solutions and features to monitor performance degradation
  9. Use batch scripts to deploy your packages to make deployments consistent across environment
  10. Developers must be suggested that review the code and all files related to coding before releasing the product so that all mistakes can be identified and justified before launching the web part.

The above mentioned are best practices which is kept in mind while developing a solution on SharePoint